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Ohio company cited for work-related accident injuries

Firm News   August 29, 2014

When employers are aware of the hazards that their employees could face while performing their occupational duties, it is important that those employers provide the safety equipment necessary to reduce the risk of injury. If workers are not given these safety measures, they could potentially become seriously injured in a work-related accident. If such a situation occurs, the company could face considerable fines and penalties.

A facility in Ohio is currently facing fines after two employees were injured on the job in separate accidents earlier this year. It was reported that one worker had his hands crushed while working with machinery that flattened parts of poles that the company manufactures. The second worker was later trapped between the machinery and one of the poles. Both incidents resulted in serious injury to the workers.

As a result of these events, the company was cited for serious and repeat violations. The machinery involved in the incidents apparently did not have the proper guards in place to help protect workers from injury. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration deemed the accidents serious and preventable, which led to the citations being issued.

A preventable work-related accident is one that no employee wants to be a part of. Unfortunately, as this situation shows, these accidents continue to take place on the job. Because the workers involved in the incidents suffered serious injuries, they will likely face considerable setbacks regarding their jobs and personal lives. As a result, they could possibly qualify for workers’ compensation. Information on these benefits in Ohio could help them determine whether they may be eligible.

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Source:, “2 workers injured at Ohio manufacturing plant”, , Aug. 21, 2014