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Posts tagged "collision"

2 Ohio motor vehicle accidents in a week at same intersection

Residents of an Ohio community recently stated that those growing up in their area are well aware of the dangers at a particular intersection of traffic. Natives of the area and long-time residents are said to typically proceed with caution when navigating the section of road because it is known to be a frequent site of motor vehicle accidents. A recent collision involved three vehicles, one of which was a tractor trailer.

On Route 30, 2 Ohio motor vehicle accidents occur within moments

An Ohio State Highway Patrol sergeant was recently responding to a U.S. Route 30 crash when another accident occurred on the same road, moments later. Motor vehicle accidents that involve tractor-trailers and fuel tankers can have devastating results. The second collision in this case ended with a huge explosion and massive fire.

Personal injury claims could stem from Ohio truck accident

Constructions zones are areas in which drivers need to be particularly mindful of what is going on around them. These areas could have posted instructions including detours or reduced speeds that drivers need to heed. If a driver does not adjust to the changes in the traffic, a serious collision could take place that may lead to parties filing personal injury or other civil claims.

Personal injury claim could potentially stem from Ohio accident

Many individuals know that intersections can be dangerous parts of roadways and act at scenes to numerous accidents. When a truck accident occurs at an intersection, authorities may have multiple factors to consider when attempting to determine what may have caused the accident. They may need to look into who may have had the right of way, speed on the part of any approaching vehicles and other aspects that may have contributed, especially if it resulted in a personal injury.

Family may consider lawsuit after fatal Ohio truck accident

Maintaining a proper following distance can make a considerable difference in whether a car accident occurs. If a driver follows too closely to another vehicle, a rear-end collision could take place. If one of the vehicles involved in such a situation is a tractor-trailer, the truck accident could result in serious or even fatal injuries to individuals who were involved and a lawsuit could result.

Falling cargo poses traffic risks

A recent verdict in an out-of-state wrongful death case draws attention to an important safety issues for Ohio drivers: the risk of accidents caused by falling objects. The case in question arose from the death of a man who was killed after his vehicle struck a piece of logging equipment that had come loose from a nearby truck. A federal jury recently awarded $3 million to the man’s family.

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