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Posts tagged "Birth Injury"

What causes placenta previa?

Normally, the placenta that protects and nurtures an unborn child forms at the top of the uterus, well away from the cervix. In about one out of every 200 pregnancies, however, something goes wrong and the placenta attaches itself partially or completely over the cervix -- putting both the baby and the mother at risk. A C-section is the only safe method of delivery.

Are U.S. women experiencing unnecessary risks in childbirth?

When you picture a place where women commonly end up dying in childbirth, do you think of some distant country where they give birth in their homes, far away from adequate medical care, or do you picture a modern hospital somewhere in the United States?

What are some of the most common complications of pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a particularly vulnerable period in a woman's life -- and in the life of her unborn child. The medical care that a mother receives during her pregnancy can have consequences that affect that child's entire future.

Women: Insist on being informed about the delivery process

If you're pregnant, the odds are good that someone has told you a delivery-room horror story or two already. However, the person who really should be giving you the scary details of your potential experience may not even say a word.

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