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Knowing The Law When Splitting Lanes On A Motorcycle

Throughout Ohio, there are more and more motorcycles on the road. While motorcyclists may be familiar with all the laws that govern how they ride, most motorists who do not ride motorcycles do not. This is why it is important for motorcyclists to know what they can and cannot legally do as well as what they should and should not do.

At The Skolnick Weiser Law Firm, LLC, we are dedicated personal injury lawyers who confidently protect the rights of motorcyclists and other drivers in Cleveland and throughout the surrounding areas. Our attorneys are highly knowledgeable of the motorcycle laws in Ohio and work to see that our clients fully understand these laws, whether they have been in an accident or are taking preventative measures. Your safety is important to us.

What Is Lane Splitting?

The legal definition of lane splitting is when a rider of a motorcycle or bicycle rides or moves between lanes of traffic, typically when traffic is moving slowly or has stopped. This maneuver is also known as “stripe riding” or “white lining.” Drivers may be stunned to see you moving between vehicles, so it can be risky. Lane splitting should be done with extreme caution.

Is Lane Splitting Legal?

Yes, in Ohio, lane splitting is, in fact, legal. There is no specific law that bans it. This means that you are not in violation of the law and cannot be pulled over by law enforcement purely for lane splitting. However, if you are speeding through or driving recklessly, police can still pull you over for other violations.

Taking Care On The Road

While you as a motorcyclist are educated on the actual laws that govern how motorcyclists are to conduct themselves on the roads, most drivers of other vehicles are not. This is just one of the many reasons that motorcyclists need to be extra vigilant when riding. When drivers will not watch out for you, you need to watch out for them.

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