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Harmful prescriptions could lead to medical malpractice in Ohio

Firm NewsMedical Malpractice   September 4, 2014

Many Ohio residents put their lives in the hands of doctors every day. They trust these professionals to handle their health care in the proper manner in order to help them get better from any illnesses they may be suffering from. Unfortunately, some doctors may make mistakes when handling a person’s care, and as a result, the person could become even more ill and file a claim for medical malpractice.

A health care center in a neighboring state was recently named in a malpractice suit. It was reported that a patient had received two different medications from a doctor she was seeing there. She took the medications together, but she later found out that the mixture of the drugs could have negative effects. It was noted that the woman went for several more medical visits and was not informed of the dangers of mixing the drugs that she continued to be prescribed.

The patient eventually developed an illness that resulted in her inability to walk or bear weight. After an examination, it was reported that the mixture of the drugs could have resulted in her development of the illness. As a result, she is filing the medical malpractice suit.

As this situation shows, medical mistakes can be made that lead to serious illness for individuals. Therefore, parties who have been negatively affected by the negligence or other medical malpractice of health care professionals may have cause to file a claim. Ohio residents who believe they may have been the victims of such malpractice may wish to explore options for taking legal action.

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