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Family may consider lawsuit after fatal Ohio truck accident

Firm NewsTruck Accidents   August 21, 2014

Maintaining a proper following distance can make a considerable difference in whether a car accident occurs. If a driver follows too closely to another vehicle, a rear-end collision could take place. If one of the vehicles involved in such a situation is a tractor-trailer, the truck accident could result in serious or even fatal injuries to individuals who were involved and a lawsuit could result.

A similar situation recently took place in Ohio when a tractor-trailer hit the rear of another vehicle. It was reported that the accident occurred just before 5:30 a.m. on Interstate 71. The 67-year-old driver of a smaller vehicle was traveling north when his vehicle was hit from behind by a tractor-trailer. The impact caused the smaller vehicle to leave the roadway.

Unfortunately, the driver of the car suffered fatal injuries in the accident. He was declared dead on site. The driver of the tractor-trailer did not suffer any injuries in the collision. It was mentioned that authorities do not believe that alcohol played a role in the accident taking place, but authorities are continuing to investigate the fatal accident.

Because the truck accident resulted in a fatality, the family members of the victim may wish to consider filing a lawsuit against the driver deemed at fault. By filing a wrongful death claim, they may be able to pursue monetary reparations that could ease the financial burden of funeral arrangements and other expenses resulting from the crash. They may wish to learn more about such legal options in Ohio to determine whether this could be the right course for them.

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Source:, “Early Monday crash claims one”, , Aug. 12, 2014