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Nursing Home Neglect Archives

Nursing assistant sentenced, questions remain about victims

A former nursing assistant at an Ohio nursing home was handed an 18-month prison sentence and will be placed on the sex offender registry for 15 years -- the maximum possible sentence he could receive for groping a nurse and masturbating on her as a first-time offender.

Can you put a 'granny cam' in someone's nursing home room?

Nursing home abuse preys on some of the most helpless members of society: the elderly. Many elderly people who are trapped in abusive nursing homes are unable to speak for themselves -- and if they do speak up, they may be dismissed because of problems such as dementia. Abusers know this, and they take full advantage of the situation.

Selecting an Ohio nursing home? What you should know.

Throughout the state of Ohio people rely on nursing homes to provide loved ones the care they cannot provide themselves. Unfortunately not all of these facilities provide the expected level of care. Sometimes the action, or lack thereof, taken by employees endangers the lives of residents. In the worst cases they could result in death. Statistics and ratings provide information on how Ohio nursing homes are doing.

2 cases of abuse and neglect drag nursing home down in the ranks

When your loved one goes into a nursing home, you expect proper care and compassion. If you found out that he or she suffered because a worker wanted to torture him or her, you'd be furious. That's what happened in this case in Ohio.

What are the red flags of abuse or neglect in a nursing home?

It's painful to find out that someone you love has been through the horrors of nursing home abuse. You placed your loved one in a nursing home for his or her safety, and this is a true violation of your trust. To avoid having this kind of issue happen ever again, or to find out if this is happening to your loved one now, look for a few of these signs of abuse.

How can you tell if a loved one is abused at a nursing home?

There are many signs of nursing home neglect and abuse that you can look for to make sure your loved one stays safe at a nursing facility. Interestingly, a new law also protects your right to file a lawsuit if your loved one is mistreated. According to a new rule, consumers will now be able to sue nursing homes for neglect. In the past, arbitration was more commonly used and contracts blocked families from suing over suspected neglect.

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