Nothing is more thrilling than riding your motorcycle down the highway or enjoying a drive around town when the weather is good. When riding on a beautiful day, it can be easy to disregard traffic laws, but this is a dangerous habit to fall into. There are several traffic violations in particular that can be especially risky to motorcyclists and all surrounding drivers.

The following are three examples of dangerous traffic violations that often contribute to accidents. Sometimes other drivers’ negligence combined with any of the following maneuvers can create the perfect circumstances for an accident. Be safe to better avoid any of the following motorcycling mistakes:

1. Speeding

Speeding is dangerous no matter what kind of vehicle you operate, but it is particularly dangerous when you are on a motorcycle. One of the biggest risks facing motorcyclists is other drivers’ failure to see bikers. When zooming past cars and surpassing the speed limit, they are even less likely to see your bike and more likely to hit you. It is important to match the flow of traffic and drive the speed limit.

2. Splitting lanes

Lane splitting is one of the most controversial practices among motorcyclists. While most bikers advocate for it and argue its safety, it remains illegal in all states except California. This includes Ohio, but many bikers continue to engage in this practice, which entails riding between cars in adjacent lanes. The safety of this practice is debatable, but drivers who do not expect it may make a lane change and cause an accident.

3. Unsafe lane changes

Drivers making lane changes without checking for motorcyclists are one of the most common causes of accidents. Motorcyclists, too, should check to ensure that it is safe to change lanes before doing so. It can be easy to glide between lanes without double-checking or move between restricted lanes, but it is essential to be careful.