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January 2019 Archives

How does time spent loading increase a trucker's accident rate?

One of the problems with trucking, as a profession, is that it can get tedious. Long hours on the road at least afford truckers a change of scenery, however. Long hours spent loading and unloading a truck's cargo, on the other hand, are just ... well, long hours.

Lawsuits claim Ohio doctor administered lethal doses to patients

A Columbus hospital and its surrounding community have been torn apart by revelations that a doctor gave lethal doses of pain medication to 27 patients as they lay incapacitated in their hosptial beds. Even worse, a number of other medical professionals have been implicated in the investigation.

What you need to know about snow shoveling

Winter has arrived in Ohio, and with it comes numerous slips and falls by pedestrians attempting to negotiate snow- and ice-covered sidewalks, driveways and parking lots. But will a court hold you liable for an injured pedestrian’s damages if (s)he falls on your unshoveled property? 

Ohio physician threatened Jewish patients with malpractice

Could personal biases lead a physician to neglect -- or intentionally harm -- some patients? Do some patients get better -- or drastically worse -- treatment than others because of their physician's private politics or beliefs?

Are U.S. women experiencing unnecessary risks in childbirth?

When you picture a place where women commonly end up dying in childbirth, do you think of some distant country where they give birth in their homes, far away from adequate medical care, or do you picture a modern hospital somewhere in the United States?

When a truck tire shreds apart, is that really negligence?

When you're barreling down the highway at full speed, one of the last things you want to see is a semitruck peel off a tire right in front of you. That long, loose piece of rubber can end up causing you to wreck if it hits your wheels the right way -- and the truck also stands a good chance of wrecking. The tire can also blow out entirely, sending the truck careening.

Driving safely during the first months of the new year

The beginning of a new year means the start of new goals and positive changes for a lot of people in Ohio. The last thing anyone wants during the first month of a new year is to suffer an injury or lose a loved one in an accident, but unfortunately, drunk driving accidents are common occurrences even after the holiday festivities are done. Hopefully, the beginning of your new year will be safe and full of happy memories rather than an abrupt, tragic ending.

What types of injuries are common after motorcycle crashes?

Getting out for a ride on your motorcycle can be a great way to explore the beautiful state of Ohio, but it can also be an extremely dangerous way to get from one place to another. Why? Even if you consistently wear a helmet every time you get out on your bike and are always sure to follow the rules of the road, you still have to worry about motor vehicle drivers who may not be so careful.

3 traffic violations motorcyclists should avoid

Nothing is more thrilling than riding your motorcycle down the highway or enjoying a drive around town when the weather is good. When riding on a beautiful day, it can be easy to disregard traffic laws, but this is a dangerous habit to fall into. There are several traffic violations in particular that can be especially risky to motorcyclists and all surrounding drivers.

3 injuries firemen commonly experience

Firemen must undergo rigorous training and physical conditioning before they take on the responsibilities of the job. Firemen knowingly enter dangerous situations and put themselves at risk, so it is natural there is a high injury rate in this profession. Surprisingly, the majority of injuries firemen suffer do not relate to fires. According to The Journal Times, they are muscle injuries

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