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May 2017 Archives

Can you get punitive damages in a car accident case?

Ohio car accident victims generally know that they can file a lawsuit to recover for losses that result from their injuries. Some may have questions about the availability of punitive damages, especially when they feel the other driver was not just at fault but really behaved very badly.

What to know about Ohio’s nursing homes

Ohio has the third most number of nursing facilities in the country, according to the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation, with nearly 960 in the Buckeye state in 2015, the latest year on record. What this means is that a large percentage of Ohioans are either in a nursing home or have family or loved ones in such a facility.

Don't let a nurse case manager derail your workers' compensation claim

What exactly is a nurse case manager (NCM)? In Ohio's workers' compensation system, case managers are registered nurses who are supposed to play a supportive role and help coordinate the care that an injured worker receives from the company's workers' compensation insurer.

Worker injuries due to the use of technology

Throughout the years the reasons that people file workers' compensation claims has changed. The use of technological devices in the workplace is part of why that is the case. This not only includes jobs where people use a computer all day, but also workers who use cell phones, tablets, and other kinds of technological advances on a repeat basis. Over time that can cause injuries to the hands and wrists, along with other areas.

Can you put a 'granny cam' in someone's nursing home room?

Nursing home abuse preys on some of the most helpless members of society: the elderly. Many elderly people who are trapped in abusive nursing homes are unable to speak for themselves -- and if they do speak up, they may be dismissed because of problems such as dementia. Abusers know this, and they take full advantage of the situation.

Three documents to gather to strengthen your car accident claim

Following your car accident injury, the success of your insurance claim or personal injury lawsuit is largely dependent on your argument. Strengthening your argument requires detailed documentation of your experience. Detailed records and photographs go a long way in bolstering your demand letter or settlement negotiation.

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