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March 2017 Archives

Ohio loosens gun laws, allows them on work properties

A March 21 report shows that a new law will be affecting the way guns are handled in workplaces. Ohio will not allow handguns to be banned from company property, meaning that employees can now bring their guns to work. Anyone who has a state permit to carry a concealed gun may bring it to work, according to the law, as long as it is locked up and kept in the person's vehicle.

2 cases of abuse and neglect drag nursing home down in the ranks

When your loved one goes into a nursing home, you expect proper care and compassion. If you found out that he or she suffered because a worker wanted to torture him or her, you'd be furious. That's what happened in this case in Ohio.

Medical mistakes aren't necessarily malpractice: Here's why

A medical mistake is not necessarily medical malpractice, but any error that occurs can lead to litigation. There are three elements to any medical malpractice case. These include having a duty of care to a patient, breaching the duty of care, showing that an injury is related to that breach and damages.

What are the red flags of abuse or neglect in a nursing home?

It's painful to find out that someone you love has been through the horrors of nursing home abuse. You placed your loved one in a nursing home for his or her safety, and this is a true violation of your trust. To avoid having this kind of issue happen ever again, or to find out if this is happening to your loved one now, look for a few of these signs of abuse.

Can independent contractors get workers' compensation?

Independent contractors are not employed by an employer. Instead, they are contracted in for a specific contract period. In most cases, they are not eligible for workers' compensation if they are hurt on the job. Don't automatically assume you won't qualify for any benefits, though, because there could be a case in which you're misclassified as an independent contractor when you are actually an employee. If that happens, then you can file a claim for workers' compensation.

Manufacturer cited for recurring safety violations in Ohio

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has cited a manufacturer in Ohio after the workers there were exposed to hazards despite falls and machine hazards that had been previously identified by the OSHA. According to news from Jan. 17, 2017, the business, SanCasT Inc., has been issued three repeated and four serious safety violations. Together, these violations resulted in proposed penalties of $235,879.

How can you tell if a loved one is abused at a nursing home?

There are many signs of nursing home neglect and abuse that you can look for to make sure your loved one stays safe at a nursing facility. Interestingly, a new law also protects your right to file a lawsuit if your loved one is mistreated. According to a new rule, consumers will now be able to sue nursing homes for neglect. In the past, arbitration was more commonly used and contracts blocked families from suing over suspected neglect.

Forklift accidents: A real risk in Ohio workplaces

It may not be surprising to you that worker and customers are involved in accidents with forklifts every year, but what may be surprising is that around 97,000 people are injured in these incidents each year. The accidents happen in warehouses and stores; all places where safety precautions should prevent injuries like these from occurring.

These tips can help prevent an accident on the roads

Driving while distracted leads to accidents and injuries. Truck drivers need to be particularly careful to pay attention to the road due to the size of their vehicles. They take longer to stop and can't maneuver as well as smaller cars or trucks.

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