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August 2016 Archives

How to seek disability payments through the Industrial Commission

If you've been denied the disability payments you need to get through life after an injury, it's important you know that you still have options. When you suffer a disability that prevents you from engaging in work permanently, you are able to apply for permanent total disability. There are some particular guidelines that you will need to meet to get this kind of disability, so your paperwork should be in order and reviewed by your attorney before it's submitted to make sure you get the compensation you need.

The risks of Coumadin dosing in nursing homes

If your loved one is placed in a nursing home, you expect the care to be of a high standard. You don't want to find out that a medication prescribed is actually what led to a loved one's death. That's what makes this information so devastating to some.

Are some months riskier than others to seek medical care?

In 2011, the Journal of General Internal Medicine published their findings on the frequency of medical errors, and found that the month of July looked especially interesting. This month had 10 percent more teaching hospital deaths than other months due to medical errors. Doctors that heard about the findings weren't surprised. It fact the medical community has a name for the increased error rate that comes in July. They call it "The July Effect."

Truck driver flees scene of fatal accident on Interstate 75

Truck accidents can be dangerous or deadly; they often involve at least one other vehicle that could be crushed due to the weight of the truck. Multiple vehicle collisions are also possible if a truck collides with backed-up traffic or if the truck rolls over sideways, blocking the lanes of traffic.

How workers can beat the summer heat

There are certain risks that people undertake in any profession. This is true whether you sit in front of a computer or work with heavy machinery. While issues of this nature can arise when workplace inside temperatures are not properly maintained, the dangers of working in extreme heat often gain attention when workers must complete tasks outside in the summer.

C-sections and their growing use in the United States

The rate of Cesarean sections ranges based on the hospital a woman goes to when she's going to give birth, and if that seems like it shouldn't be the case, you aren't the only person who thinks so. In the United States, the most common surgery to be performed are C-sections, even though many of them aren't even necessary.

What Motorcyclists Should Know To Stay Safe

In the warm summer months, riding your motorcycle can be a fun activity to engage in. Though for many it is an enjoyable way to spend the season's long days, it can also be dangerous. Taking safety measures and the time to focus on the road while driving can help everyone stay safe.

The shocking statistics of medical errors in the United States

What's the third leading cause of death? Heart disease? Cancer? No, in fact, it's medical errors. It might be a shock to you that medical errors rank so high, but with 251,000 deaths due to medical errors reported in the most recent year's data, they certainly do cause problems for patients and their families alike. It's not just medical errors that cause deaths that should be concerning, either; for every death there is, there are other errors taking place that patients survive. The impact of medical errors is wide and spreading.

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