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Cleveland Personal Injury Law Blog

What is the purpose of a medical advocate and do you need one?

If you're suffering from any sort of chronic illness, sudden shift in your health or need surgery, you may need an advocate to keep from becoming one of the thousands of people that are victimized by medical mistakes each year.

You can be your own medical advocate, if you're up to the task. If not, you can ask a close friend or relative to step in.

Nursing homes would like to downplay many incidents of abuse

If you have to go into a nursing home tomorrow for any reason -- whether you're looking at a short stint following a hip replacement or long-term care -- your odds of being abused might be as high as 30 percent.

If you think that sounds awful, it actually sounds even worse when you look closer at the figures behind that statistic:

  • The statistic was drawn from a report to Congress that studied over 5,000 nursing homes for a two-year period.
  • Nearly 9,000 acts of abuse were recorded during that time.
  • A total of 1,601 incidents of abuse put the victim in immediate danger of death or serious injury.
  • Administrators and others say that the numbers are just "inflated" because of overly-strict reporting regulations.

Undocumented workers unentitled to workers' compensation in Ohio

In yet another blow to undocumented immigrants, Ohio's House of Representatives approved a new bill that aims to strip them of the right to receive workers' compensation when they've been injured on the job.

There's significant hope that the bill will not make it all the way through the Ohio Senate.

Steps to take if you are hurt while riding Uber or Lyft

For many people, using a ridesharing app has become a common practice. Services such as Uber and Lyft make it easy for people to get rides anywhere in their city. In July 2017, Lyft announced that it was officially giving over one million rides a day, a milestone already surpassed by Uber. 

With so many Uber and Lyft drivers on the road, there are naturally numerous accidents that occur as a result of ridesharing apps. Determining liability in these cases can be tricky. Many people do not know whether the company itself should hold liability, or if it rests solely on the driver. You can worry about that later. Here are the steps to take in the immediate aftermath of an Uber or Lyft accident. 

Think about life care plans before filing suit on a birth injury

If your child suffered a preventable injury with long-lasting consequences during delivery, it's wise to consider what you'll need for an effective "life care" plan before filing a lawsuit.

Knowing your ultimate goal can make it a lot easier for you and your attorney if you decide to pursue a birth injury lawsuit. You can enter negotiations with that goal in mind and only go forward with action in court if you're unable to reach it (or another satisfactory resolution).

Truckers: Your lifestyle might contribute to accident risk

As a truck driver, you are part of a huge national fleet of workers whom others rely on every day to receive shipments on time. This is an old and proud profession, but as you might already know, it can also be a difficult one. You and other truck drivers in Ohio and elsewhere may do well to consider your physical and mental health when it comes to keeping yourself and others safe.

Nearly everyone knows that truckers spend a lot of time on the roads. Long hours sitting in a cab with no physical activity, as well as the stress of trying to get your shipment to its place on time, can wreak havoc on your health and put you at risk for diabetes, heart attack, stroke or falling asleep at the wheel. The following tips may help to get you on a better track:

  • Be sure to get plenty of sleep or address any untreated sleep disorders. Since fatigue is a major factor in trucking accidents, this cannot be stressed enough.
  • Try to get at least 20 minutes of physical exercise each day, even if you just get out of the truck at a rest stop to walk around and stretch your legs.
  • Fast food and gas station snacks are easy and convenient when you are on the road, but terrible for your health. If you have no choice but to grab food on the go, try to pick the healthiest choice on the menu. Whenever possible, make and pack your own meals.
  • The boredom and isolation you feel on your routes might contribute to depression and anxiety. Try to stay connected with friends and family while you are away from home, and speak with a professional if you need help managing your stress.

Ohio firefighter to get his due for workers' compensation claim

An Ohio firefighter just won his workers' compensation appeal without a fight.

In a rare move, Ohio authorities decided to step aside and allow a firefighter, who is suffering from terminal cancer, to receive benefits to replace his lost wages and future medical care related to his illness.

A lawyer's role when speaking to an insurance adjuster

The roads can be a dangerous place. In 2016, over 100,000 nonfatal injuries took place on Ohio's roadways, according to statistics from the Ohio Department of Public Safety

One of the first things you should do after a motor vehicle crash is to get in touch with your auto insurance provider. However, many drivers worry about whether they need a lawyer present during this conversation. While having an attorney present is always a good idea, there are some circumstances where it would be more prudent. 

Delivery drivers endanger others during holidays

If you have a driver's license and the ability to drive a box truck (a small U-Haul), you can probably find yourself a job this holiday season.

If you happen to have a commercial driver's license (CDL), you can probably find a place willing to give you a bonus just to sign on for the season.

Work in construction? Beware of these 3 dangers

Do you work in construction?

If so, your best defense against accidental injuries is knowing the biggest risks you face. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) says that these are some of the top risks that you face every day:

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