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Delivery drivers endanger others during holidays

If you have a driver's license and the ability to drive a box truck (a small U-Haul), you can probably find yourself a job this holiday season.

If you happen to have a commercial driver's license (CDL), you can probably find a place willing to give you a bonus just to sign on for the season.

Work in construction? Beware of these 3 dangers

Do you work in construction?

If so, your best defense against accidental injuries is knowing the biggest risks you face. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) says that these are some of the top risks that you face every day:

Nursing assistant sentenced, questions remain about victims

A former nursing assistant at an Ohio nursing home was handed an 18-month prison sentence and will be placed on the sex offender registry for 15 years -- the maximum possible sentence he could receive for groping a nurse and masturbating on her as a first-time offender.

However, questions remain about whether or not he's truly a first-time offender -- especially since information has surfaced that he'd been transferred from a previous position after allegedly touching another employee inappropriately.

Being smart in construction may save you from an injury

As a construction worker, you may already know that you are working in one of America’s deadliest industries. Hundreds of construction workers across the country, including in Ohio, lose their lives on the job each year. The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration reported 937 fatalities in the construction industry in 2015 alone. You may not be able to prevent all accidents on the job site, but some you can, by keeping safety in mind at all times.

You have probably heard of the “fatal four.” This construction term refers to the four types of accidents in the construction industry that cause the most deaths – falls, electrocutions, being struck by an object, or being pinned or caught between an object. Accidents involving the fatal four were responsible for 64.2 percent of construction site deaths in 2015. OSHA officials estimate that if companies could eliminate the fatal four, 602 construction workers in America would live to see the next year.

What do presumption laws mean for workers' compensation claims?

Presumption laws are a critical tool for firefighters who are no longer on the job but still fighting a battle -- one against cancer.

What exactly are presumption laws, how have they changed in Ohio and what do they mean for the workers' compensation claims involved? Here are a few answers.

How are pedestrians most likely to get hit by a vehicle?

Pedestrians face great risks when they cross the street. According to data from the Ohio Department of Public Safety, over 2,000 pedestrians suffered injuries from motor vehicles in 2014. 

While a driver at least has some protection from the vehicle itself, pedestrians unfortunately do not have anything to cushion an impact. To avoid injury, it is crucial for anyone out walking to be aware of the situations where such collisions are more likely to occur. 

Report nursing home abuse or neglect whenever you see it

Do you suspect that a friend or relative is being abused or neglected at his or her nursing home?

If so, it may be up to you to speak up and stop the abuse. Fortunately, in Ohio, you have the right to alert authorities to suspected nursing home abuse no matter what your relationship to the victim (which means you don't have to wait on his or her next of kin to step in to say something).

Many birth injuries are unnecessary, yet happen far too often

How high of a risk do you think your unborn child has of suffering a serious birth injury in a modern medical facility?

Would you have guessed that your child's risk of injury is about six out of 1,000?

Doctor-patient relationships can exist when they haven't even met

Can a doctor-patient relationship really exist when neither the doctor nor the patient have met? What about when the patient doesn't even know the doctor's name?

Actually, increasingly, the courts are saying that it's a possibility that should be left up to the jury to decide.

Staying with dogs, cats and other pets

The leaves are turning color and the temperature is dropping. As the holidays approach, you may be worried about the weather cooperating for your drives or flights to be with far-flung family members for Thanksgiving and/or Christmas. In fact, there are probably a few things weighing on your mind.

One thing that some people do not think about is how to prepare if the place they are staying at has pets. This can be of particular concern if you are bringing your own pets and/or children.

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