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Cleveland Personal Injury Law Blog

Injuries among nurses on the rise

Nursing is one of the most critical jobs. It is a career spent helping others through their worst days.

Specific hazards exist for those who choose the nursing route, and some of those hazards are physically damaging. Incidents of injuries in the nursing field continue to rise, even with changes and recommendations for prevention. Some injuries happen more than others. What can you do to protect yourself from the most common ones?

Is social media being used to abuse nursing home patients?

Posting an image on social media for a laugh is fine -- as long as you aren't dehumanizing and degrading someone else in the process. Unfortunately, that's exactly what's happened to a number of nursing home residents. For every incident that's been reported, experts fear that there could be more that are yet to be uncovered.

In 2015, the investigative news service ProPublica published a report detailing 47 incidents involving workers who shared demeaning photos or video of nursing home residents through online forums and social media. In 2017, ProPublica published an update. The list of known incidents had grown to 65. Some of the incidents dated as far back as 2012, but many were quite recent. The news service obtained the information by carefully scrutinizing news reports, inspection reports and court cases (in instances where the perpetrator was legally punished). Taken together, the stories the investigation uncovered paint a disturbing picture of how social media can be weaponized against the defenseless.

Lost limbs due to work accidents can lead to permanent disability

While any kind of work injury could be catastrophic, injuries that involve lost or amputated extremities or limbs are some of the most severe. Workers can lose a limb or extremity through a number of situations.

Machinery could malfunction, resulting in a cutting or crushing injury that completely disables the affected body part. Accidents in vehicles while on the job could also result in the loss of limbs or extremities. Chemical exposure is another common cause, and is also associated with the loss of eyes or blindness.

Myths and misunderstandings about motorcycle safety

Whether you are a new or lifetime motorcyclist, it is always worthwhile to assess your riding ability and the steps you take to be safe. There are long-standing beliefs about motorcycles that many people adhere to that are either misleading or outright false.

Myths about motorcycles can have deadly consequences. Holding wrong assumptions about your bike and how you should ride can significantly impact your wellbeing. Take a look at common misconceptions below to understand why you should stop believing them. 

Is it OK to post about my accident on social media?

It is only second nature to want to share significant life events on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Social media is how people stay in touch with friends and family. If you were in a serious car accident, one of the first things you may want to do is tell everyone about it over the internet. However, you and other Ohio residents should think twice before sharing the details of your car accident on social media. Too much information has the potential to affect your case.

How can something as simple and seemingly innocent as a Facebook post ruin your personal injury claim, you may wonder? You may think it harmless to talk about your injuries and recovery or to post pictures of the vehicle damage. However, this is information that for now, you should only be sharing with your lawyer and the insurance companies involved.

How does time spent loading increase a trucker's accident rate?

One of the problems with trucking, as a profession, is that it can get tedious. Long hours on the road at least afford truckers a change of scenery, however. Long hours spent loading and unloading a truck's cargo, on the other hand, are just ... well, long hours.

Researchers have discovered a troubling link between the amount of time that a trucker has to spend at either the shipping or receiving points with a load and his or her accident rate. The more "detention time" a trucker has to deal with, the higher that trucker's accident rate is likely to rise. Detention time is defined as anything beyond the industry's "rule of thumb" of a two-hour wait on each end is considered "detention time."

Lawsuits claim Ohio doctor administered lethal doses to patients

A Columbus hospital and its surrounding community have been torn apart by revelations that a doctor gave lethal doses of pain medication to 27 patients as they lay incapacitated in their hosptial beds. Even worse, a number of other medical professionals have been implicated in the investigation.

The revelations came to light after a concerned employee made a report, prompting an internal investigation. The doctor in question has been fired -- and another 20 hospital workers have been suspended from patient care until further notice.

Teachers may suffer on-the-job injuries

One of the toughest jobs in America is teaching. It requires a certain mindset and dedication that most jobs do not require. Teaching is demanding, and the stress can take a toll.

Teaching may not seem like a job where injuries occur, but it is. If you teach, keep an eye and ear out for these common afflictions.

What you need to know about snow shoveling

Winter has arrived in Ohio, and with it comes numerous slips and falls by pedestrians attempting to negotiate snow- and ice-covered sidewalks, driveways and parking lots. But will a court hold you liable for an injured pedestrian’s damages if (s)he falls on your unshoveled property? 

In general, the answer to that question is “no.” This is because Ohio follows the Natural Accumulation Rule, which says that “an owner of land ordinarily owes no duty to business invitees to remove natural accumulations of ice and snow from the walkways on the premises or to warn the invitee of the dangers associated therewith.”

Ohio physician threatened Jewish patients with malpractice

Could personal biases lead a physician to neglect -- or intentionally harm -- some patients? Do some patients get better -- or drastically worse -- treatment than others because of their physician's private politics or beliefs?

That's a possibility that has been brought sharply into focus by a recent incident in Ohio involving statements made by a medical professional while she was still a student.

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