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Spot a bad truck driver? File a complaint

If you drive very much at all, you've probably seen the signs on the back of a lot of commercial vehicles that say something like, "How is my driving?" They're followed by a number you can call if you have comments or concerns.

It's important for all drivers to make use of that option -- and others -- when they spot a bad driver behind the wheel of a truck. That's one of the best ways to keep bad drivers off the road and ensure everyone's safety -- including your own.

Plastic surgeon danced her way into a malpractice suit

Most physicians and surgeons are highly professional -- especially when a patient is under their care.

However, one plastic surgeon seemed to think that dancing, singing and joking around about her patient's bodies -- on film, no less -- during surgery was somehow acceptable. Then, to cap off the insulting behavior, she posted some of the videos to YouTube despite the fact that some of her patients were visibly unclothed on the operating table.

Why you never want to take cash after a car accident

In some cases, it may be extremely obvious who is most at fault for a car crash. No one likes dealing with their insurance companies, and the other driver may present you with a decent amount of cash to make the incident go away. As much of a hassle as it might be to contact your insurance representative, you should avoid paying to fix damages out of pocket. 

Many drivers worry their deductibles or rates will increase, but unless you are considered at fault for the crash or depending on the terms of your policy, this may not happen. In many instances, even if you are found 25 percent liable for the crash, your insurance rates will not go up. There are plenty of other reasons why taking cash after a car accident is a mistake. 

Can doctors predict shoulder dystocia?

Shoulder dystocia occurs during vaginal births when the baby's shoulders get stuck during a vaginal birth even though the baby is in the normal birthing position (with his or her head facing downward).

It's incredibly dangerous. Both the baby and the mother can die if the baby can't be freed. It was one of the most common causes of death for mothers and babies during natural births prior to the invention of the cesarean section.

Recognizing the stages of bed sore development

Most people have never seen a bed sore -- so it's hard to recognize what's happening when a loved one first develops them.

For the most part, human bodies are fairly resilient. However, as people age, their skin becomes a lot more fragile. When there's friction or pressure on the skin for an extended period, the surface tissue and muscle underneath can both break down. That results in a pressure sore. The most common victims of pressure sores are naturally the elderly and infirm -- particularly those who have difficulty moving.

What can you do when your workers' compensation claim is denied?

What can you do when your workers' compensation claim is unfairly denied?

You don't have to give up. In fact, you shouldn't. Denials are a common issue because employers generally don't have a lot to lose if they dispute a claim.

When Grandma's dog bites your toddler

Maybe it happened like this: You took your toddler over to visit your mother. Her dog has always been good with children; but during a confusing moment, it gets anxious about the child petting her too hard. The dog then bites the child seriously enough that you need to take your child to the hospital for medical attention resulting in high medical bills. Though his or her injuries will heal, your toddler may remember what happened to them -- even have nightmares about it -- that can leave lingering emotional stress in addition to a physical scar.

Of course, you and your mother feel terrible. She has offered repeatedly to help you out of her pocket with medical bills and the other financial issues that have arisen. Is that the best thing to do, though?

How to avoid becoming a victim of medical malpractice

Would it shock you to find out that your doctor makes a mistake around one out of every 10 times he or she sees a patient? What if you found out that he or she actually made mistakes even more often?

Unfortunately, doctors are statistically likely to make a mistake 15 percent of the time. Medical errors account for around half a million deaths every year in this country -- which means that patients are wise to look after their own interests when they're at the doctor's office.

Ohio truckers are angry about new work rules

New regulations that force truckers to submit to a sort of "electronic nanny system" that watches the number of hours that they're on the road have truckers throughout the Ohio area furious.

They point out that employees in other jobs would likely resent the regulations just as much. Under the laws, which are designed to limit the hours any given driver is on the road without sufficient rest, truckers are expected to use an "electronic logging device," or ELD. The device replaces the traditional handwritten log books that truckers used to keep.

Install apps on your kid's phone to stop distracted driving

Ohio has strict laws to dissuade people from texting while driving. For a first offense, a driver may lose his or her license for up to 60 days and face a fine up to $150. However, those penalties may still not be enough to prevent some people from looking at their phones while behind the wheel of a moving vehicle. 

One main reason why drivers, especially teenagers who recently got their licenses, text and drive is because they believe they are safe drivers who can do both simultaneously. The truth is that it only takes a couple seconds to end up in a collision, resulting in serious injuries. As a parent, you need to be proactive, and luckily, there are plenty of apps that will give you peace of mind when your child gets behind the wheel. 

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