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Cleveland Personal Injury Law Blog

Ohio family sues for malpractice over daughter's suicide

Psychiatric care is full of uncertain outcomes. However, there are times when the link between a hospital or physician's inept or negligent action and a patient's suicide seems painfully obvious.

That's what the family of an 18-year-old woman alleges regarding the young lady's suicide just days after she voluntarily admitted herself to the psychiatric unit of a hospital in Akron.

How is Ohio's workers' compensation dealing with opioids?

The opioid crisis is hitting home in a lot of areas -- but Ohio is one of the states most severely affected because it is seen as critical to the "pipeline" of drugs that is making it around the nation.

Well, the Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation recently announced that it will be taking steps that are designed to keep injured workers from developing an addiction to painkillers. In specific, the program will no longer cover oxycodone prescriptions in any form (Oxycontin, Opana and the like). Oxycodone-based prescriptions are considered the most commonly abused opioid because it can be crushed and snorted to obtain a high and is also used in conjunction with heroin to extend a high.

4 ways to increase your visibility on a motorcycle

In 2017, there were 157 fatalities in motorcycle accidents on Ohio’s roadways. In an attempt to reduce that number, officials have declared May to be Motorcycle Awareness Month. During the month, both riders and motorists learn how to share the road. 

If you routinely ride a motorcycle, you have probably had more than one close call where a driver did not see you. Of course, if a driver cannot see you, he or she may not be able to avoid causing a serious collision. Here are four ways to increase your visibility to other drivers when you are riding your bike: 

Your child's cerebral palsy may have been preventable

Cerebral palsy (CP) is a complex brain disorder that can involve both physical and cognitive disabilities. It most often develops at or near birth. It is often preventable if a physician recognizes the obvious risks that can lead to brain injuries at birth and takes the appropriate precautions.

What puts a child at risk of CP?

Misdiagnoses and your health: What every patient needs to know

What's your biggest worry when you're sick enough to head to the hospital or take a troublesome symptom to your doctor? For many, it's that they'll be given some kind of terrible diagnosis.

In reality, people should be worried that they won't receive a proper diagnosis at all. Instead, they may be told their condition is nothing serious and be sent home or given a diagnosis that's way off track. Alternatively, they may get treated for the wrong ailment entirely.

Veterans receive terrible care in VA nursing homes nationwide

America's veterans age just like the rest of the general population -- and many of them end up in nursing homes run by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). Many of these nursing homes are providing care that is substandard, at best -- outright horrible at worst.

This claim isn't just supposition. It's the conclusion coming from the VA itself, based on the results of inspection reports that have been made public for the first time. The reports essentially show that the problems with patient care that exist in privately run nursing homes also exist in nursing homes for veterans.

How to stay involved in your parent's care at a nursing home

Putting a parent in a nursing home is never an easy decision. You probably worry often about the care your mom or dad is receiving, and for good reason. Nursing home abuse is a real problem in the U.S., and it is not only staff you have to worry about harming your loved one. According to the Office for Victims of Crime, almost a quarter of abuse complaints at nursing homes involve residents hurting other residents.

What can you do to ensure the health and safety of your parent? The answer is to stay involved in your parent's care in the following ways.

5 essential pieces of motorcycle safety gear

Few things are more enjoyable than leaving the stress of everyday life behind to explore Ohio behind the handlebars of your favorite motorcycle. As you know, though, motorcycling can be dangerous. That is, a motorcycle wreck can cause you to suffer serious bodily harm

If you sustain a serious injury in a motorcycle accident, you must act quickly to pursue compensation for your injuries. After all, for most personal injury cases, Ohio has a two-year statute of limitations. A better strategy, though, is to avoid a motorcycle accident altogether. With the right riding gear, you increase your odds of staying safe on your bike. Here are five pieces of motorcycle gear you should wear every time you ride: 

Bullying culture in health care can be detrimental to patients

Unfortunately, not everyone leaves bullying behind after their high school years. This can be especially true in the health care industry. In fact, some experts say that on-the-job bullying is more prevalent in health care than any other field across the country. You and other Ohio residents should be aware of this, because if bullying is present among your medical team as you are hospitalized, it can have an adverse effect on your health and safety.

The Journal of Emergency Medical Services explains that bullying is a common behavior among doctors, nurses and other health care workers. Why is this so, you may wonder? Health care is a fast-paced, stressful and competitive industry. Doctors and hospital administrators may feel they need to run a tight ship and keep their staff under strict control, and they can use less-than-positive means to maintain order and ensure efficiency. Senior nurses may feel superior to or threatened by newer nurses, and they may even form pecking orders or cliques to ostracize or belittle those they do not like or newcomers who have not proved themselves yet. It is also possible for some members of staff to try to undermine other workers or take credit for their work.

Spring can be a dangerous time for motorcycle riders

You do not only ride a motorcycle for transportation. On the contrary, your bike helps you clear your head while exploring Ohio. Even though you have exceptional riding skills, you must worry about others who share the roadways. If you are in a wreck, you may need to act quickly to protect your legal rights. 

Some parts of the year are worse for motorcycle riders than others. Spring is one of those times. Here are three reasons spring can be a dangerous time for motorcyclists: 

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