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Truck Accidents Archives

These tips can help prevent an accident on the roads

Driving while distracted leads to accidents and injuries. Truck drivers need to be particularly careful to pay attention to the road due to the size of their vehicles. They take longer to stop and can't maneuver as well as smaller cars or trucks.

Truck safety: Truck drivers need to be trained for winter

Trucking in the winter can be dangerous, especially with heavier winds, rain, ice and snow. Driving a tractor-trailer in severe weather requires special skills that not all truck drivers have, which is why it's important for them to learn before they take on that kind of route or work in poor weather conditions.

Collision leads to 1 fatality, 2 injuries on Interstate 275

It's dangerous on the roads, particularly when there are large vehicles around you with poor visibility. Truck accidents are commonplace on highways, even though there are safety regulations to help reduce and eliminate them. It's an unfortunate fact that some drivers don't pay attention. Others fall asleep or drive recklessly while they're behind the wheel.

Trucking industry turning to the retired to fill roles

Older commercial truck drivers could be more dangerous on the national highways than their younger counterparts, according to a report on CBS News. The American Trucking Industry is facing a shortage of drivers, and it's believed that around 48,000 drivers are needed just to move 70 percent of goods in the United States.

Truck crashes on the rise in Ohio

Every year, it seems like there are more trucks on the roads and highways that become more congested. If you've noticed this, you aren't alone. The bad news is that in Ohio; the number of truck-related crashes have increased. According to a Dayton Daily News report from Sept. 18, Ohio has seen an increase in commercial vehicle crashes and fatalities year over year for the last four years. What's causing such a heavy rise in incidents? Some blame the economy and how many cars and trucks are on the roads together.

Truck driver flees scene of fatal accident on Interstate 75

Truck accidents can be dangerous or deadly; they often involve at least one other vehicle that could be crushed due to the weight of the truck. Multiple vehicle collisions are also possible if a truck collides with backed-up traffic or if the truck rolls over sideways, blocking the lanes of traffic.

Sharing the road with truck drivers: The Do's and Don'ts

Most drivers would do just about anything to avoid a getting in an accident with a truck. A passenger vehicle always runs the higher risk of severe or fatal injuries when involved in a collision with an 80,000 lb tractor-trailer. Because of this, drivers should be aware of the common causes of truck accidents and what steps they can take to prevent them.

Failing to maintain a truck can put others' lives at risk

Keeping others safe needs to be a priority to trucking companies. In order to keep their vehicles in the best condition, preventative maintenance should always be done. If you've gotten into an accident with a truck that has not been maintained properly, this information may be helpful to your case.

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