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Pedestrian accidents on the rise throughout the nation

There are always risks for pedestrians, because getting hit by a car can cause serious injuries or even death. However, the risks are increasing in today's tech-oriented society. While smartphones aren't to blame for everything bad that happens to pedestrians, they are playing a role in more and more accidents. People who are talking on their phones, texting behind the wheel, or otherwise using their smartphone while driving may end up striking a person in a crosswalk or other location, simply because they were distracted and didn't see that person at all.

Can electronic medical records be dangerous to patients?

Poor record keeping, including incomplete documentation, ranks among the top 10reasons that physicians get sued -- and rightly so.

While more and more doctors offices are moving toward computerized records that allow them to track your health history, send your prescriptions directly to the pharmacy and keep an updated list of your conditions, the electronic system is far from perfect.

What you should know about medical malpractice tort reform

The recent trend shows that not as many lawsuits for medical malpractice are seeing success through settlements or the court system. This is not all bad news however as on the whole, those who succeed are getting larger awards than they were in the past. The reason behind the changes is likely tort reform, which focus on reducing frivolous lawsuits and getting proper awards for people who truly have been injured.

Why Tort Reform Affects Medical Claims

There are two ways in which tort reform could impact medical malpractice lawsuits. The first is that, in some states, panels were created to screen claims and remove those that are deemed more frivolous. Second, laws are now in place that limit the damages that can be recovered for some claims.

5 important things to think about before using a midwife in Ohio

Are women who select home births with the assistance of midwives being told just how dangerous the practice can be?

Or, are they being given a rosy picture of a home birth, which is painted as "more natural" and inherently better for the mother and child?

What can you do to reduce the risk of medical malpractice?

There are many ways to reduce your risk of suffering from medical malpractice. One of the first things you can do is to make sure your physician is really listening to your concerns. If you feel that he or she is writing off what you're saying or dismissing your concerns, you may wish to get a second opinion. Sticking with a doctor who doesn't listen to your needs is bad for you and leads to poor care down the line.

It's important for you to have realistic expectations, and it's important for the doctor to give you realistic expectations. If you're terminally ill, the doctor should not be telling you you'll be fine next week. It's important for medical providers to give patients information with the right emphasis, so they know what to expect.

The risk of sharps injuries for health care workers

Those who work in the health care field serving patients should be commended and appreciated, whether they are a physician, a nurse or a nurse's assistant. At all levels, these jobs carry risks that most don't have to deal with. One risk that is especially worrisome for many is getting injured by sharps while on duty.

What are Sharps Related Injuries?

Sharps are needles, blades, or scalpels often present in healthcare settings that, when used, become contaminated with the patient's bodily fluids. Strict rules are in place at healthcare and related facilities in order to reduce the incidence of exposure by health care workers. Despite this, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that there are 385,000 sharps related injuries each year.

Traffic Deaths in Ohio

While motor vehicles are a part of life for many in the state of Ohio, their use can also result in serious injuries and even death. During the year 2016 there were 1,132 traffic-related fatalities in Ohio.

Fatality Statistics

One positive statistic related to traffic deaths in Ohio involves the use of seatbelts. Fatalities of unbelted drivers and/or passengers decreased from 473 in 2015 down to 431 in 2016, a possible indication that more people are using seatbelts. It should be noted, however, that 2014 and 2015 saw an unusual increase in unbelted fatalities meaning 2016 saw a "return" to 431 unbelted fatalities.

Selecting an Ohio nursing home? What you should know.

Throughout the state of Ohio people rely on nursing homes to provide loved ones the care they cannot provide themselves. Unfortunately not all of these facilities provide the expected level of care. Sometimes the action, or lack thereof, taken by employees endangers the lives of residents. In the worst cases they could result in death. Statistics and ratings provide information on how Ohio nursing homes are doing.

Those seeking to find a nursing home may be shocked to learn that overall in Ohio, according to federal statistics, residents of these homes receive some of the lowest quality of care in the nation. Other upsetting facts include that the aides that work in the facilities issues with the care the residents received, half of other states such as California. In addition, according to an article recently published in the Plain Dealer, titled "Ohio nursing homes among the nation's lowest rated in quality of care: A Critical Choice," over the course of the last three years, a minimum of 31 deaths in Ohio nursing homes involved issues with the care the residents received.

Ohio loosens gun laws, allows them on work properties

A March 21 report shows that a new law will be affecting the way guns are handled in workplaces. Ohio will not allow handguns to be banned from company property, meaning that employees can now bring their guns to work. Anyone who has a state permit to carry a concealed gun may bring it to work, according to the law, as long as it is locked up and kept in the person's vehicle.

This law also expanded the areas in which people could carry weapons with CCW rights. Now, they may carry in school zones, universities, colleges, airport terminals and child care centers so long as the weapon remains locked up inside a vehicle.

2 cases of abuse and neglect drag nursing home down in the ranks

When your loved one goes into a nursing home, you expect proper care and compassion. If you found out that he or she suffered because a worker wanted to torture him or her, you'd be furious. That's what happened in this case in Ohio.

According to the March 19 report, a resident at Park East Care and Rehab Center was tortured and had cleaning solution sprayed into his eyes by an employee of the facility. Another report showed that a second resident died when the nursing staff failed to clean his breathing tube twice. These kinds of neglect and abuse are a failure of patient care and cannot be overlooked.

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