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3 ways social media ruins personal injury claims

Attorneys see personal injury claims all the time. They range from auto accidents to dog bites to even medical malpractice. Anyone who has suffered an injury, either at work or out in public, should fight for their rights. 

There are several ways plaintiffs should conduct themselves throughout the trial, and one highly recommended course of action is to stay off social media. This includes Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Social media can do more harm than good, and the last thing you want to do is jeopardize your potential claim. 

Is Ohio's workers' compensation law on appeals still intact?

Ohio has struggled under a troubling legal question regarding appeals under its workers' compensation program.

In 2006, the state legislature passed a law that was designed to make appeals move through the workers' comp system faster -- however, not everyone was happy with the measure so the question of its legality eventually found its way to the state's Supreme Court.

Auto accident injury plaintiffs may need to turn off social media

Some Ohio residents are aware that loose lips can sink ships, particularly if someone is posting on social media. However, posting on social media can do more than burn social bridges and damage friendships.

It can sink a person’s car accident case. It may also get a person in legal trouble, including court-ordered sanctions or fines.

Can you spot the subtle signs of elder abuse?

Sometimes the signs of physical and psychological abuse are right in front of your eyes -- but you simply don't realize what you're seeing.

Can you spot some of the more subtle signs of abuse among older adults?

  • Sudden changes in the personality of the senior involved that aren't easily explained by sudden dementia or medication changes.
  • A noticeable reaction of fear or tension when certain caregivers are around compared to others.
  • Anxiety about a specific caregiver, including his or her presence on the night shift or mood that evening.
  • Fear that someone on the staff will find out that the senior has soiled his or her bedding and attempts to hide it.
  • Bruises, scrapes or other signs of injury around the senior's wrists or ankles (indicating restraints) or mouth (indicating his or her mouth may have been forced open).
  • Broken glasses, dentures or personal items of sentimental value that are damaged or destroyed.
  • An elder's insistence that he or she fell, causing a bruise, but the details of the accident are inconsistent or unclear.
  • Clothing that is torn, unclean or ill-fitting.
  • Signs that the senior isn't eating or drinking and has become rapidly malnourished or dehydrated.
  • Self-soothing behaviors, like rocking, muttering, praying or humming.
  • Missing personal items that the senior insists he or she "gave away" (because he or she doesn't want you to anger the person that took them).

Spinal fluid leaks: A possible birth injury for mothers

A spinal fluid leak is pretty much just as awful as it sounds.

When the spinal fluid surrounding the brain to get too low, it causes a range of symptoms from excruciating head pain and double vision to numbness in the victim's hands and feet. Some victims constantly feel like they're going to vomit. Some victims are literally stuck in bed, because laying down is the only way to relieve the pressure on their spine and brain and keep more fluid from leaking out.

Talk to a lawyer before an insurance agent after a car crash

Car accidents are highly prevalent, and even if you are a good driver, you never know what may happen on the road. The Ohio Department of Public Health found that in 2016, approximately 77,000 people in the state suffered injuries in vehicle collisions. Even more collisions occurred that only caused damage to property. 

One of the first things you should do after a car accident is contact your insurance company. You do not have to tell your agent a lot, but you should inform her or him an accident took place that will require processing. However, many people are unsure what to do when the other driver's insurance agency calls them. It may seem simple enough to tell another agent what happened, but it is preferable to talk to an attorney first, especially if it seems as though the incident may go to court. 

3 things to never do after a car accident

If you are involved in a car accident in Ohio, you may rush to say things you do not mean. Sometimes words are said due to confusion or out of shock. Some of those things may be okay and not lead to anything further. However, sometimes the words you say can lead to trouble down the road. It is very important to be careful about what you say and to whom you say it at the scene of an accident.

There are three specific things you want to avoid saying after being involved in a car accident. These may be things you say to other people involved, law enforcement or insurance representatives.

Don't let a medical profiler get away with malpractice

Have you ever been the victim of medical profiling?

The odds are good that you may have been -- even if you didn't realize it at the time. Medical profiling occurs when a doctor makes assumptions about you based on his or her personal prejudices due to your age, gender, race, education, income, occupation or looks.

What makes large trucks so dangerous

Motorists on Ohio's roads often tend to instinctively try to stay away from commercial trucks. The facts bear out this instinct, as trucks cause more than their fair share of accidents.

You may ask yourself why this is the case. After all, should truck drivers not have well-honed skills after logging all those hours on the road? Are there not multiple safety regulations aimed at decreasing the likelihood of a crash?

Don't wait to hire an attorney after a truck accident

If you've been in an accident with a truck, you were probably lucky to survive it!

However, you're probably also facing months (or years) of painful recovery. A lawsuit is more than likely going to be necessary to preserve your rights and get you the benefits that you need in order to live.

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